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Visa processing

We at VipSky know that visas can be hard to obtain, especially on short notice and for groups of travellers or families. Established partnerships allow us to solve most issues quickly and efficiently.


ITALY 5 - 7 days 1 year 800
2 years 1 600
3 years 2 500
5 years 3 500
LUXEMBOURG 2 days 1 years 800
2 years 1 700
3 years 2 800
5 years 3 900
HUNGARY 6 - 7 days 1 year 500
SPAIN 6 - 7 days 6 month  250
USA 5 days 3 year 370
GREAT BRITAIN from 15 days 6 month 320
FRANCE 15 days Tourism, at the discretion
of consulate
ITALY 7 days Tourism, at the discretion of consulate 300

Necessary documents:

  1. The international passport, which validity period comes to an end not earlier than 3 months after prospective return (in case of existence of the two existing international passports it is necessary to provide both passports);
  2. A copy of the old international passport (page with personal data and pages with Schengen visas) (if they are);
  3. Two color photos 3,5 x 4,5 without corners and ovals on a white background, opaque;
  4. The certificate (on the organization's form with the signature and the seal) with the indication of a position, a salary, experience and a contact information (the address, phone);
  5. Confirmation of existence of money for a trip: an extract from the bank account or a credit card and an extract from the card account;
  6. Copies of all pages of the internal passport.

Business invitations for foreigners in Russia

The procedure for obtaining a visa of Russia for foreign visitors is quite complicated and time-consuming - it is necessary to clarify the many legal aspects, contact the embassy to issue and receive a travel voucher or business invitation. To simplify this process, increasing the chances of success quite quite a bit - ask for help in our company. The experience and professionalism of our staff specialists in their field will help you quickly and successfully solve this problem as an invitation.

Necessary documents:

  1. A copy of the first page of the passport
  2. Questionnaire
TYPE (for EU citizens)TURNAROUND TIME, working daysCOST, rur
Travel voucher (single entry by not more than 30 days) 1 day 1 700
3 months (double entry)
5 days 10 000
6 months
13 days 12 100
12 months 
13 days 13 000

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