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Buy Bell Helicopter

Bell American brand known in the aviation market since 1935. The products have a solid reputation as the brand Agusta Westland. Active cooperation between the companies in the past led to the creation of many popular models. Buy Bell helicopter can be for civilian and military purposes.

An advantageous embodiment of the short-term use - helicopter rentals. We provide service in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Helicopter Bell 206

Light single-engine helicopters Bell multipurpose different low operating costs. Reliable machine is quite popular among buyers. Model certified foreign manufacturer in Russia.

Helicopter Bell 206
Helicopter Bell 206
  • 3-4
  • 226 km/h
  • 778 km

Helicopter Bell 407

Single-engine multi-purpose helicopter Bell economical and easy to maintain. The model is created based on the Bell 206 with improved flight characteristics. Affordable price attracts buyers. Reliable Rolls-Royce engine control digital sensors. Increased passenger cabin provides a comfortable transportation.

Helicopter Bell 407
Helicopter Bell 407
  • 5-7
  • 246 km/h
  • 674 km

Cost:from $ 4,650,000

For Rent: 78,720 rub./h

Helicopter Bell 427

Twin-engine model is designed on the basis of the famous Bell 407 cockpit on the principle of increasing by 8%. Passazhiromest from it has not increased, but the accommodation was more comfortable. The development has participated the Korean company Samsung Aerospace Industries. If you are looking for a corporate multi-purpose vehicles should be ordered Bell 427 helicopter.

Helicopter Bell 427
Helicopter Bell 427
  • 5-7
  • 256 km/h
  • 722 km

Helicopter Bell 429

Bell Light helicopters are focused on health and recovery targets. Advanced doorway and modified passenger cabin ensures comfortable movement. Twin-engine system is responsible for the safety of the flight. The car belongs to the highest category A.

Helicopter Bell 429
Helicopter Bell 429
  • 5-8
  • 264 km/h
  • 648 km

Cost:from $ 8,670,586

For Rent: 100 000 rubles / hr

Get in the use of an aircraft without a lump sum the total value as possible if purchased in leasing. Fees are not included in the category of financial liabilities and are not reflected on the balance sheet of the company. Another option save - buy a helicopter bu. Our mechanics will conduct technical inspection of the machine with expert


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