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Empty leg

Empty Leg is a special term which is applied for charter flights. It means a planned overfly of the empty aircraft on a certain route and in a certain time. For airlines a flight without loading as well as grounding at the airport, is inexpedient economically, so airlines try to fly with passengers.

For example, if a passenger who has chartered a plane for flight from Berlin to Moscow, is planning to stay in Moscow for a long time. After this flight the empty plane should return from Moscow to the place where it base (speaking in other way to fly without passengers). This flight is named as an Empty Leg. In this case airlines suggest to other passengers to fly with "passing" plane. Experience shows, the cost of such flight is cheaper than a usual charter flight for about 15-30 %.

In other case when the European plane is compelled to expect passengers at the Moscow airport for a long time for return flight, a compelling grounding takes place at that moment which isn’t favorable for airline. So the airline can make flights during this period, and the cost of such flights will be preferential.

Thus, the Empty Leg system is the most economical way to order the aircraft for the VIP flight.

The VIPSKY Company will help for clients to use these favorable conditions.


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