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Helicopter Agusta GRAND

Agusta - light multipurpose helicopter.
Capacity Distance Flight speed
5-7 288 km/h 870 km
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  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • Helicopter Agusta GRAND

The Agusta GRAND helicopter - a wide choice of options of an interior and the additional equipment. Application as corporate or the VIP of transport, and also for needs of rescue health service or transportation of personnel on sea platforms is possible.

General characteristics

Producer / country


Number of passengers

5 - 7

Max. flying range, km


Max. cruiser speed, km/h


Max. flight altitude, m

5 710

Max. take-off weight, kg

3 175

Useful load, kg

1 520


Length (with the rotating screw), m


Height, m


Width (on the chassis), m


Internal dimensions

Length of salon, m


Height of salon, m


Width of salon, m


Additional options

2 º GNS 530 Garmin

MFD GMX 200 Garmin

RDR-2000 Radar Interfaced to GMX-200

Altitude Alert System

Stdby Analogic VOR with Glide Slope

Mode S GTX 330 Garmin Transponder

L-3 Sky-899 HP Traffic System (35 NM range)

Horizontal Stabilizer Tip Strobes

Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Reinforced Windshield

Baggage Extension with Floor Protection

Silent Premiun Soundproofing

Tinted Windows

Seats Convered with Selected Leather

02 LCD Passenger Display Moving Map

Electrically Operated Cabin Passanger Step

MVA Anti Vibration Kit

New level of system of vision:

System of technical sight (SVS)

  • The first light two-engine helicopter with system of technical sight
  • Realistic display of topography
  • The complete information about the world around even in the conditions of poor visibility (overcast, at night etc.)

Highway In The Sky (HITS)

  • Three-dimensional display of a route of flight

System of the improved sight (EVS)

  • Increases the level of safety and knowledge of the environment in case of limited visibility
  • You conduct through smoke, dust, fog, as when flying on PVP

Вертолет Agusta GRAND - карта рельефа местностиHelicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS)

  • Card of a land relief
  • Information on a relief is removed on the display of the pilot and reports about danger of collision


It is certified for one pilot of IFR, on the basis of completely digital system of avionics

Conforms to requirements of new generation

The established avionics is this break in this industry and allows to provide compatibility with the future standards of satellite navigation, communication and orientation, RNAV provision (Navigation on the area) / RNR (Providing with necessary navigation information), LPV (Provision of the objects this about heights). The embodiment of the listed above functions became possible, thanks to:

  • To double GPS/SBAS (Satellite system of expanded functionality), double system of accounting of indicators of air flows, system to data processing, dual system of tool landing approach VOR/ILS, the radio altimeter, systems of measurement of inclined range to a radio beacon and to a radio direction finder, ADF, DME
  • The defendant of the mode S with an opportunity subsequently to work with AZNV ADS-B

Automatic navigation from the moment of take-off

  • The latest navigation system based on Dual Flight Management System (FMS) and the eight-wheel autopilot.
  • Mode S Transponder with ADS-B opportunities.

Completely glass cabin for reduction of load of the pilot and fine external visibility

The ergonomic glass cabin integrates FMS, SVS and HTAWS for reduction of load of pilots, increasing operating capabilities and safety during all types of flight.

The cabin of the pilot allows to use:

  • Digital card
  • System of the improved sight (EVS)
  • FLIR
  • The tracking camera behind an external suspension bracket

Training: completely new training system according to the most modern avionics.


Maximum of safety and efficiency

  • The new design of the Grand helicopter combines in itself the modern onboard radio-electronic equipment and spacious passenger salon with a possibility of adaptation of the layout in relation to various rescue tasks.
  • The new Grand helicopter allows to carry out objectives at the highest level and in the most severe conditions

Expanding comfort borders

  • Passengers will feel all softness of flight and high level of comfort, thanks to the low noise level, vibration, simple passenger inside of the new Grand helicopter. High level of safety is guaranteed for the account the udaroustoychivykh of chairs and fuel system, and also excellent flight characteristics.

Performance at the highest level

  • The new Grand helicopter meets all requirements of standards of safety for maritime transports.
  • The design of category A ensures an aviation safety even in case of the most high temperatures.
  • High speed and configuration on 7 seats in new interior design is developed specially to satisfy the highest requests of the ocean shipping market and offers the lowest level of fuel consumption per unit of distance in the class.

Absolute benefit

  • The new Grand helicopter - the excellent decision for protection of public order, combines in itself mobility and a wide choice of the special equipment for accomplishment of various tasks in the sphere of law enforcement. The modern onboard radio-electronic equipment allows to lower load of pilots and provides the excellent external overview, allowing to be focused completely on accomplishment of a task. The spacious cabin provides bystry and an open entry on both sides.

Tactical technical characteristics

The best in the class

  • The extended fuselage and powerful gas-turbine engines in combination with new transmission and the latest manufacturing techniques of the bearing screw provide unsurpassed flight characteristics.

Main characteristics

  • Take off and landing according to requirements of the Category Class A 1
  • Udaroustoychivye of sitting and fuel system
  • The transmission works without oil within 30 minutes
  • Engines of new generation PW207C FADEC

Eco-friendly also has low operating expenses

  • The aerodynamic design provides low fuel consumption
  • Low indicators of noise thanks to the new bearing screw
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Low emissions thanks to the high-technology engine
  • The most advanced technologies of production due to use of composite material

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