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Helicopter Agusta AW139

The average twin-engine Agusta helicopter of the new generation, which has a high flight-technical performance, and unsurpassed security settings

Capacity Distance Flight speed
6-12 306 km/h 1061 km
Rent Sale   Order
200 000 руб/час rub/hour 14 160 000 & euro;  
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • Helicopter Agusta AW139

AW 139 & ndash; helicopter model, which embodies the latest development of designers, as well as the most effective engineering solutions. This is the only helicopter in its weight class, which can be equipped with integrated Anti-icer system and develop at the same cruising speed of 309 km / h.

Cost:from 14.16 million & euro;

Helicopter AW139& nbsp;

Manufacturer / country AGUSTA WESTLAND, Italy
Passengers 6 - 12
Maximum range, km 1 061
Maximum cruise speed, km/h 306
Maximum operating altitude, m 6 096
Maximum takeoff, kg 6 400
Usefull Load, kg 2 540
External Dimensions
Length (rotor turning), m 16,65
Height, m 4,95
Width (over gear), m 3,04
Internal Dimensions
Cabin length, m 2,7
Cabin height, m 1,42
Cabin max width, m 2,1

Your business successful and faster than ever before

  • new helicopter business class
  • created according to the most modern standards
  • unsurpassed performance in all operating conditions
  • the most spacious passenger cabin of a helicopter in this class
  • More than just a new helicopter

AW139 - a new level of business-class helicopters. This helicopter is designed to meet the most sophisticated requirements of those who are used to the best. Helicopter AW139 surpasses other twin-engine helicopters in all basic characteristics - speed, flying characteristics and volume of the passenger cabin. Combining streamlined shape of the fuselage, the latest avionics, a luxurious interior and low noise characteristics, the AW139 has set a new standard in the helicopter. It embodies the maximum power, strength and style

Unsurpassed performance in all operating conditions

AW139 business samoletAW139 has excellent technological characteristics that ensure its cruising speed to 165 knots (306 km / h) flight range of more than 500 m. Miles (927 km) flight duration of 5 hours and high performance hang.

Exceptional performance flight with one engine inoperative added confidence in the AW139 for rapid transportation of personnel. With its power reserve, the AW139 delivers superior performance for Category A (Class 1) at take-off from the helipad (elevated and above the sea level) with a maximum take-off weight. Helicopter shows excellent performance in all parts of the globe, including in areas with a hot climate, in the highlands, as well as in harsh environments.


Agusta AW139Noveyshee avionics and large displays work together with the 4-osnym autopilot to function avtozavisaniya and engine control system (FADEC), reducing pilot workload. Ergonomic design AW139, its excellent handling characteristics and low vibration also reduces pilot workload and provide exceptional comfort for passengers.


Designed to the highest standards, the AW139 is equipped with shock-absorbing landing gear, fuselage and seats that satisfy the most stringent requirements of JAR standards / FAR 29. In addition, the cockpit provides excellent visibility and is equipped with a redundant control system. The high location of the main and tail rotor ensures additional safety on earth of VIP-passengers and cabin crew.

Office pukovoditelya


With the largest passenger cabin peruse helicopter in its class, the AW139 is capable of providing its passengers a spacious, comfortable and quiet accommodation. Plenty of room cabin allows you to freely vary the location of the seats and the passengers at the same time provide a beautiful view of six large windows. The cabin provides enough space to accommodate additional equipment, such as: telecommunications, jobs, places to store drinks and equipment. Cargo space with additional space of 3.4 m3 (120 cu. Ft) has free access from both inside and outside the helicopter.

  • The high location of the tail rotor
  • Four-bladed tail rotor
  • De-icing system (optional)
  • Ball screw with 5 blades
  • Large spacious cab
  • Excellent visibility
  • The system allows you to use the helicopter in any weather conditions (IFR)
  • Shockproof chair crew / passengers
  • Two built-in sliding door (width 1.68 m)
  • Large luggage compartment, which has easy access from both inside and outside the helicopter


Helicopter business class AW139

  • increased possibility of safe conduct of the flight with one engine inoperative altitude to 11 600 ft
  • improved operating performance in all weather conditions
  • the ability to operate in confined areas / in densely populated areas (Category A / Class 1 with a maximum permissible weight vzlёtnym)
  • large payload and high speed
  • a spacious and comfortable cabin
  • free entrance / exit
  • low operating costs - the use of modern equipment increases the TBO and service life
  • low noise, 5 dB below ICAO requirements, allows you to use the helicopter in an urban setting
  • a new generation of standards applied to the criteria of safety, design, construction, operation and impact

Standard equipment for the VIP-CONFIGURATION

  • IFR set for the first and second pilot
  • HUMS
  • retention system of the helicopter afloat
  • air conditioning system
  • TCAS
  • voice recorder in the cockpit / flight data recorder
  • weather radar
  • chetyrehosevoy autopilot
  • scalable map
  • VIP-trim customized
  • entertainment system


AgustaWestland As of the latest development of the company, the AW139 is serviced by a global network of service centers, technicians and engineers, providing overhaul and spare parts worldwide. Available full Level D simulator will provide maximum safety and crew training for further operations.

Download A139Executive.PDF

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