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Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER

A light twin-engine helicopter Agusta Bell 429 belongs to the class of aircraft A. This means that the operational efficiency, security and comfort of a high standard.

Helicopter rental: 110 000 rub / hour

Price: from the 7,852,600 & euro;

Capacity Distance Flight speed
5-7 285 km/h 948 km
Rent Sale   Order
110 000 руб/час rub/hour 7 852 600 €  
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER

Helicopter AW109 Power - generic helicopter representative of the family of the legendary 109-x machines, which is an example of a successful combination of high performance and low operating costs. The most high-speed and long-range helicopter in its class: a maximum speed of over 300 km / h and a range of about 1000 km! Excellent flight performance, unmatched security and reliability allowed the model AW109 Power earn the respect and trust in the commercial, government and military. Certified in Russia.

Вертолет AW109 Power  Helicopter AW109 Power

Manufacturer / country AGUSTA WESTLAND, Italy
Passengers 5 - 7
Maximum range, km 948
Maximum cruise speed, km/h 285
Maximum operating altitude, m 5 974
Maximum takeoff, kg 2 850
Usefull Load, kg 1 265
External Dimensions
Length (rotor turning), m 13,04
Height, m 3,50
Width (over gear), m 2,15
Internal Dimensions
Cabin length, m 2,1
Cabin height, m 1,28
Cabin max width, m 1,61

AW109 POWER - the new standard for emergency medical services

POWERKompaniya AW109 AgustaWestland - a leader in the helicopter market. Customers in the civil and military sector for more than 80 countries have already received more than 8,000 helicopters. Due to such indicators AgustaWestland holds a leading position, offering unsurpassed technological solutions, innovation, manufacturing and global service support. In constant active competition AgustaWestland retains its edge in the market and is committed to implementing its main principle to be associated with the name of AgustaWestland helicopters and helicopter business.


Over the past 30 years aviaspasatelnaya medical industry has undergone significant changes. Starting with the usual transport of patients during the first years of its existence, aviation medicine has become a highly specialized industry developed, the possibility of combining high medical transportation of patients to secure work in difficult conditions and piloting in dangerous weather conditions, at the same time characterized by low cost equipment and low operating costs.

There is no doubt that the requirements of tomorrow will be even higher.

As a result of this evolution created a helicopter-ambulance AW109 Power, which embodies all the necessary conditions for the transport of patients in the cab, corresponding to the modern requirements. AgustaWestland company is particularly proud of the role played by helicopter ambulance AW109 Power in providing aeromedical services, and social contribution, which set a new standard in the aeromedical community.

Not surprisingly, the A109 Power twin-engine helicopters captured the market of the middle class. Since 1997, hundreds of these helicopters have been sold worldwide. Moreover, the helicopter ambulance AW109 Power offers its private and corporate customers, as well as government agencies exactly what they are looking for - profitability in combination with a high-speed, multi-use capabilities provided excellent service support.

AW109 Power рассчитан на 8 посадочных мест

More space for WORK

AW109 Power is designed for 8 seats, has a high safety, with the instrument panel for one or two pilots, has excellent technical characteristics to develop a cruising speed of up to 285 km / h. The spacious cabin volume of 3.5 m3 for patients and medical staff is completely isolated from the cockpit and allows 2 or 3 physicians provide medical care for patients 2, laid on a stretcher, not interfering with the pilots.

The design provided for the luggage compartment, which has easy access from both inside and outside. All this makes it inaccessible to competitors.


  • modular installation of medical equipment
  • Stretcher rack 80 cm tall
  • bottles in the luggage compartment built oxygen distribution system
  • 1 or 2 places for portable stretcher
  • storage of medical tools kit
  • swivel chair copilot
  • the possibility of accommodation for 2 to 4 doctors
  • passenger cabin correct shape ensuring free movement
  • ergonomic sliding door 2.3 m wide
  • chassis providing high ground clearance for landing on unprepared sites
  • a separate luggage compartment length of 2.3 m
  • Rescue AW109 POWERBORTOVOE avionics
  • ation and communication
  • AFCS 3 axis duplex
  • flight director and avtotrimmer
  • radar altimeter
  • compatibility with the navigation equipment of the 3rd Generation
  • GPS navigator, combined with autopilot
  • scalable map
  • the electronic instrument panel LCD
  • emergency beacon (ELT)
  • 3rd complex communication system control panel (ICS)
  • TAS
  • weather radar
  • storm indicator
  • voice recorder in the cockpit / flight data recorder

AW109 Power avariynyyINTERER AND COMFORT

  • vnutrisalonnoe space heating system
  • air conditioning
  • soundproofing


  • dual control
  • brake rotor
  • Windshield Wipers
  • reinforced windscreen from the commander / copilot
  • external winch, designed for load 200/272 kg
  • snow skiing / skid plates
  • emergency buoys and life rafts
  • external speakers
  • WSPS system
  • Engine separator
  • engine compartment fire extinguisher
  • thermal imaging system of forward-looking / TV system for low light levels
  • pulse sensor chip

The scheduled performance and operating limitations for each type of tasks specified in the appropriate Flight Manual.

AW109 POWER rescue

Download A109PowerEMS.PDF

We offer the best European manufacturers of helicopters, a different price category. They differ in performance and comfort, and fully meet the safety requirements and international quality standards. rental price depends on helicopter model helicopter.

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