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The American company Robinson Helicopter Company is based in Torrance, California, and is the world's largest manufacturer of civil aircraft. It was founded by Frank Robinson in 1973. Robinson helicopter first appeared in 1979. At the moment the company of more than 400 service centers around the world. In November 2011, the company produced the ten thousandth helicopter.

Now the Robinson Helicopter Company serially produces three helicopters - R22 (double), R44 (four) and R66 (five-seater).

Helicopters Robinson Helicopter & nbsp; are easy class civil aviation.

Company VipSky provides the opportunity to purchase a helicopter or arrange for rent in St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg at an attractive price.

Robinson R44

Easy multi-purpose four-commercial helicopter production company & laquo; Robinson Helicopter & raquo ;, the US.

Helicopter Robinson R44
  • 3
  • 217 km / h
  • 644 km

    Cost:from $ 617,500

    Helicopter rental:. 30 300 rubles / hr

Robinson R66

The easiest multi-purpose five-seater helicopter with a new turbine engine manufacturing company & laquo; Robinson Helicopter & raquo ;, the US.

Helicopter Robinson R66
  • 4
  • 260 km / h
  • 610 km

    Cost:from $ 1,345,000

    Helicopter rental:. 41 000 rubles / hr

Light helicopters Robinson you can buy in leasing. Legal support at all stages of the transaction will hold our experts.

A distinctive feature of the prestigious Californian company helicopter Robinson Helicopter Company is a two-bladed rotor, towering above the cabin, powerful engine and comfortable interior.

Robinson R44 - one of the most popular helicopters in the world. It is used for private and commercial flights, as a trainer and sightseeing. Helicopters of this model produced more than all the other helicopters together. It features a simple yet extremely robust design. Easy start up even in extreme climatic conditions: at a temperature of & ndash; 30 C & deg; With up to 38 & deg ;. Light multipurpose Robinson equipped with fuel-injected engine, but its performance is not inferior to machines with turbine engine:

  • power of 260 horsepower;
  • The maximum altitude of 4.25 km;
  • maximum speed of 240 km / h.

The helicopter is designed for 3 passengers & ndash; one seat next to the pilot for the person who wants to experience the agility Robinson and two behind.

Depending on the model and configuration Robinson R44 can be equipped with a metal chassis for a landing on a hard surface or floats for landing on water.

Robinson R66 included the advantages of its predecessor, the R44, but became more powerful and more comfortable. This is evidenced by a large, spacious trunk with a capacity of up to 140 kg, five-seat interior, the presence of a heating system and air conditioning, which is available on some models. Relatively young helicopter & ndash; released into production in 2011, but already loved by many businessmen. Actively used for private flights over long distances.

It is unpretentious fuel & ndash; flies on jet fuel, which can refuel at any airport. Equipped with a gas turbine engine, which allows to reach speeds of 259 km / h.


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