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Rent and sale of Helicopters

The helicopter market in Russia develops very promptly, and now this field in aviation becomes more and more interesting both for the companies, and for individual persons.

Main advantages of helicopters include a saving of time and possibility to flight into the regions which are difficult for another transport.

The VipSky Company is the active participant in the business aviation market and offers to clients such service as a renting of helicopters for business flights or rest. Our experts will give detailed consultation about characteristics of various models of helicopters and will help to choose that type of the helicopter which is the most suitable for the purposes of our clients.

Now lots of rich men buy helicopters for private use. Thus the own helicopter not only emphasizes the high status of its owner, but also is a prestigious vehicle.

Specialists of our company will give all necessary help and support in helicopter acquisition. Thus we don't put our commission, and we work at the prices of official dealers.

Helicopter Robinson r44
  • 3
  • 217 км/ч
  • 644 км

Lightweight Quadruple multipurpose commercial helicopter production company «Robinson Helicopter», USA.

аренда продажа
30 300 руб/час 617 500 $
Helicopter Robinson R66
  • 4
  • 260 км/ч
  • 610 км

Lightweight Quadruple multipurpose commercial helicopter production company «Robinson Helicopter», USA.

аренда продажа
41 000 руб/час 1 345 000 $
Helicopter Agusta AW109 POWER
  • 5-7
  • 285 км/ч
  • 948 км

A light twin-engine helicopter Agusta Bell 429 belongs to the class of aircraft A. This means that the operational efficiency, security and comfort of a high standard.

Helicopter rental: 110 000 rub / hour

Price: from the 7,852,600 & euro;

аренда продажа
110 000 руб/час 7 852 600 €
Helicopter Agusta AW139
  • 6-12
  • 306 км/ч
  • 1061 км

The average twin-engine Agusta helicopter of the new generation, which has a high flight-technical performance, and unsurpassed security settings

аренда продажа
200 000 руб/час 14 160 000 €
Helicopter Agusta AW119 Ke
  • 7-8
  • 281 км/ч
  • 991 км

The helicopter Agusta AW119 Ke - the world's only 8-seat single-engine helicopter.

аренда продажа
80 000 руб/час 4 311 788 €
Helicopter Bell 206
  • 3-4
  • 226 км/ч
  • 778 км

Light multipurpose helicopter production of Bell Helicopter Textron Company (USA).

Helicopter Agusta GRAND
  • 5-7
  • 288 км/ч
  • 870 км

Agusta - light multipurpose helicopter.

Helicopter Bell 407
  • 5-7
  • 246 км/ч
  • 674 км

Production of Bell Helicopter Textron Company (USA)

аренда продажа
78 720 руб/час 4 650 000 $
Helicopter Bell 427
  • 5-7
  • 256 км/ч
  • 722 км

US production. The prototype served as a model Bell 407 with a completely redesigned fuselage and increased by 8% in shower.

Helicopter Bell 429
  • 5-8
  • 264 км/ч
  • 648 км

Designed primarily to provide emergency medical care outside of the hospital. The standard configuration uses a helicopter skiing as planting equipment. Installation of retractable wheeled landing gear. The helicopter is certified to fly on instruments Regulation one pilot in the category A. Able to continue the flight with one engine inoperative.

аренда продажа
100 000 руб/час 8 670 586 $
Helicopter Eurocopter AS-350 Ecureuil
  • 4-6
  • 246 км/ч
  • 666 км

A French firm Aerospatyal. Eurocopter AS-350 Ecureuil single-engine sold in the US under the name "EyStar", and with two engines - under the name TwinStar produced in Brazil under the name esquilo licenses now Helibras .

54 900 руб/час
Helicopter Eurocopter AS-355 NP Ecureuil
  • 4-6
  • 222 км/ч
  • 731 км

Easy multifunctional helicopter, equipped with two engines, has low operating costs. Ideally suited for aircraft, rescue and passenger transport

Helicopter Eurocopter EC-145
  • 6-9
  • 246 км/ч
  • 680 км

Multi-purpose helicopter, created by Franco-German concern «Eurocopter».

Helicopter Eurocopter EC-155 Dauphin
  • 8-13
  • 278 км/ч
  • 791 км

Multi-purpose helicopter. Extensive fuselage, which has enabled almost 40 percent increase cargo cabin and equipped with modern rotor "sferifleks" and tail rotor "fenestron" with a reduced noise level. The helicopter is placed in the passenger variant up to 12 people in the VIP version of 5-9 people.

Helicopter Eurocopter EC-175
  • до 16
  • 280 км/ч
  • 740 км

Medium twin helicopter.

Helicopter Eurocopter EC-225 Super Puma
  • 8-25
  • 262 км/ч
  • 820 км

Multi-purpose helicopter. The design of the helicopter used in modern light alloys, resistant to the corrosive effects of sea water, which allows the machine to operate intensively on oil rigs, in the coastal zone and engage in rescue operations. Power elements fuselage made of titanium.


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